"ein ungeschriebener Roman" ("an unwritten novel")

2021/09/10 - 2021/10/03

Kunstverein Landshut, Herrngasse 375, 84028 Landshut

"Like an unwritten novel- encounter with the women of my family ", 2021, 200 x 150 cm, pencil and ink on tracing paper
Recurring to Virginia Woolf and her short story " an unwritten novel" I am facing the person of Virginia Woolf with the tracing of the women of my own family.
They lived at the same time, grew up with the strict rules of society for women at that time, had to get along with the early death of siblings and parents.
Virginia Woolf experienced the torture of National Socialism from the other side, as unforgiveable and civilisation- destroying murderous violence. My grandmothers and great grandmothers were partly in line, did hardly place themselves against it.
To them I  put in position the portrait of VW as their mentor and as a homage for the vision and orientation she gave all women of her time and also us, being the future generations. 
My work is a Collage out of drawings after photos and letters from the family archive, along with pressphotos from my collection. Those are connecting both sides- the life of Virginia Woolf and that of the women of my family- up to the present.

Kathrina Rudolph, wie ein ungeschriebener Roman, 2021